Western Diplomats Are Going to Disappoint Ukraine’s Protesters

Excellent photo gallery included in the re-post.


The hand of U.S. diplomacy swept down over Ukraine this week with an odd bit of American largesse — a plastic bag of bread. Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, bore the bag on Wednesday into the crowd of protesters camped out in the middle of the capital, Kiev. As her circle of bodyguards parted, Nuland held it out to an elderly demonstrator in a big blue parka. “Good to see you!” the diplomat chirped. “We’re here from America. Would you like some bread?” Smiling politely, the woman demurred, took a step backward and waved the generosity away.

It was not exactly the kind of help Ukraine needs right now. Over the past two weeks, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have swarmed the streets of Kiev, demanding that their government begin integrating with the West. What sparked their protests was the state’s decision last…

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