Over 60% of internet traffic doesn’t come from humans

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BotHuman Traffic DistributionAlexis Madrigal from The Atlantic writes:

It happened last year for the first time: bot traffic eclipsed human traffic, according to the bot-trackers at Incapsula.

This year, Incapsula says 61.5% of traffic on the web is non-human.

Now, you might think this portends the arrival of “The Internet of Things”—that ever-promised network that will connect your fridge and car to your smartphone. But it does not.

This non-human traffic is search bots, scrapers, hacking tools, and other human impersonators, little pieces of code skittering across the web. You might describe this phenomenon as The Internet of Thingies.


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3 thoughts on “Over 60% of internet traffic doesn’t come from humans

  1. Yep! This is an “easy” one to believe! Actually, it’s a FACT!

    Even the “blogs” aren’t “REAL” after an few months. I’ve noticed that “some” blogs start re-posting articles that they’ve posted previously OR are so old, it’s not even funny. “Why?”

    And then, the comment’s being made either become “ludicrous” or simply “non-intelligent?” I don’t know how to say this, but the “make-up” of the site just isn’t “REAL” any longer. it’s as it, the site has been “hi-jacked” and you are talking to yourself.

    OR…talking to a…ROBOT!


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