Obamacare website gets $47 million price hike

That’s an obscene amount of money and it all never had to happen this way. America is chock full of gifted and highly competent web developers who could have put this site together in half the time for one fourth the expenditure. It’s a classic example of the stupendous decadent government waste of our tax dollars that we have to put up with annually. There out to be some very loud sounds coming out of the news media of real outrage over this. All I hear is silence about it.

CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) — The government has been cagey about revealing how much money has been spent to fix HealthCare.gov, but today officials revealed the overall price tag for the troubled Obamacare website has increased by $47 million.

In Washington jargon, it is called an “increase in the total amount obligated” rather than a price hike. But the end, result is the same.

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