MWRAP Military Grade Armored Vehicles Supplied to Many USA Local Police Departments


MWRAP [ Mine Resistant Ambush Protected ] military grade vehicle in UN blue is an imposing vehicle to use in patrolling American towns and cities. These behemoth gas guzzlers get a whopping 3 mpg.  What exactly does the DHS have in mind here?

I first learned about the MWRAP [ Mine Resistant Ambush Protected ] military grade vehicles from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while watching a news video on 2014 and new developments in the NWO’s march toward total control. I decided to lo0ok into more info about the new MWRAP vehicles.  Here’s part of what I learned.

‘The para-military vehicle with a “U.N. blue” custom paint job seats nine people, has an armable turret, and costs $658,000.  The vehicle made its way to the department for free through the Department of Defense’s 1033 excess property program.  The tank is bullet proof, features a land mine resistant frame, and a mount rack suited for a 50 caliber machine gun.’
The website has a chat forum where police officers, retired and active military and concerned citizens talk about recent developments in American police departments. Here’s what one police officer [ who will remain anonymous ] had to say about the new MWRAPS being delivered to some police departments:
“The police have had armored vehicles for quite some time now. This is just an updated version. My department had an M13 though rarely used it. As communities that used to be small and sleepy have experienced changes in demographics they may feel the need for one may arise. The Federal government always has cash grants for any department that jumps through a particular hoop. The Feds as well will supply retired military vehicals, and equipment to local departments. My department recieves a bunch of 2.5 ton trucks, and some BfJ’s (3/4 ton trucks). They sat parked…. Far as I know they still are. I guess this M-Wrap could be used as an assault vehical/Swat truck. The roof mounted ma duece mounting is still there. This I find very troubling. My department had several swat assault vehicals.. three I think for a 40,000 man department. I’ve been involved in one raid where it was used… It worked out fine. There vehicals are used to recover wounded people who are in the line of fire, To drive team members up close to a location they may have to enter inside the line of fire, As a platform for a sniper in some active shooter situations. It is a police tool, and has very little intimidation factor. It was a 4 wheel drive vehical sitting about two feet off the ground, It has solid rubber wheels, and there is a door in the belly so it can roll on top of a prone victim. and that victim can be pulled inside from the belly. There is a periscope through the top, the slit windows are bullet resistant, and it has equal sloped armor on all sides. Kind of looked like a small russian wheeled armored car. BRDM?, or BMP? So if a department takes one of these m-wraps I dont have too much trouble with that…. I will worry when they start taking more than one.”

The state of Georgia has already acquired several of these vehicles, from the DoD as discussed on this news link.

One could easily argue that with two expensive [ 3.9 trillion at least ] wars now winding down in the Mideast, there is a hell of alot of state-of-the-art military grade equipment to try to move around, sell, dispense of, store, or otherwise do something with. After all, our tax dollars paid for this stuff. But I don’t actually buy that the reason for equipping American police departments with MWRAP military grade vehicles, which were designed to withstand IEDs and hand grenades in a war zone, is that we just need to dispense of them so the DoD is giving them away to local police departments helter-skelter. Really? Do you believe that reason?

One could also argue that if the Dept. of Homeland Security now wants to MAKE SURE that any sort of populist uprising or other civil unrest taking place on American soil is dispensed with and put down summarily, this kind of equipment is certainly handy for that job too. As usual, I am only speculating. But it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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