Firebrand Sarah Palin Returning to TV: And Not a Moment Too Soon

I’m sure readers are familiar with last week’s TV media pundit shocker, where Martin Bashir said some things about Sarah Palin that broke all former records for distasteful and uncouth. He is now out of a job with MSNBC, and Sarah Palin is getting a new TV show, in what can only be called karmic justice.

I’ve always been a fan of Sarah’s. She’s had to endure more than her fair share of cruelty and ridicule in the media. She let’s it roll, she presses on, and she’s stronger than ever. That’s tenacity, popularity staying power and it’s to be admired as the dismal years of the Obama presidency drag on.

When prominent men in politics say particularly foolish or ill informed things, when they creep around in broad daylight and twiddle their interns while possessing the oval office for example, they are eventually forgiven and often go on to restore their credibility and reputations in public life, i.e. Bill Clinton. American men in TV broadcasting forgive their own much easier than they forgive any sassy articulate female who tells it like it is, especially when the telling makes them look worse.

And then there was the notably incredible moment in 2008 when Barack Obama on the campaign trail referred to “our 57 states.” He was more or less instantly forgiven for his misstatement and went on to win the presidency via the youth “cool” and “quite handsome” vote.

Had that been Sarah Palin who made such an obviously groan worthy verbal gaff [ and she has made many as a media neophyte since 2008 ] the media would have never allowed her to forget it.  Hot mouthed TV pundits like Bashir would have laid into Sarah so hard they would have made sure that the upstart never went any farther than to the back seat of a pick-up truck in the Alaskan outback on her road to political fame and fortune.

Such is the current state of ‘American Misogyny’ in politics and the general hatred of women who dare to: 1) be smarter than many men,who in fact, run the country very poorly most of the time but hate to be reminded of that by woman like Sarah 2) think they deserve a high place in US politics. This goes for liberal women and conservative women alike.  Ask Hillary and she will tell you. Sexism, sadly, is alive and well in the United States at this late date and pains me to have to see it, day in and day out. It is especially alive in the world of high rolling presidential politics.

Let’s see how Sarah uses this latest TV forum to reach out to the American public and continue polishing her brand of maverick forthrightness. We could do much worse than Sarah Palin and we are doing much worse – right now. I’m all for fresh ideas, and I happen to believe she would make a hell of a better president than Barack Obama ever has been. Go Sarah, go, and foul mouthed no IQ TV pundits:  go to hell.


(Newser) – Sarah Palin, outdoorswoman, is returning to TV. The Sportsman Channel today announced it has hired Sarah Palin to be host of a weekly outdoors-oriented program that will celebrate the “red, wild and blue” lifestyle. Amazing America will debut next April, via a network that reaches some 32 million homes (that’s less than one-third of American households with television). Palin’s show will include a series of stories about personalities and activities related to hunting, fishing, and shooting.

“The network showcases a lifestyle that I love and celebrate every day and it’s great to be a part of their team,” Palin said in a statement provided by the network. The Sportsman Channel has ordered 12 episodes of the series to start. Palin was previously host of a short-lived series about her home state, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, that ran on the TLC network. This actually isn’t the only Sarah Palin TV news making headlines today: Numerous outlets are breathlessly reporting that she met some Duck Dynasty stars in Monroe, Louisiana, on Saturday during her book tour; Todd apparently got in on the fun via FaceTime.


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  1. I agree , as a man , not be sexist she is a very nice to look at lady , that aside I feel she is For AMERICA not like the thing that is in office today . I would rather watch her show that any thing that Oprah has to offer. I really do hope she does well and I wish GOD’s blessing on her .


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