Sea Salt & Baking Soda as Radiation Antidote

2012 The Awakening

Here are some excellent suggestions for dealing with the radiation from Japan being carried to America on the jet stream, which at this point is still spewing from the reactors. The radiation levels are beginning to accumulate and have increased from low range to mid-high in some areas across the US. Even tho the media has downplayed this crisis to the point where they’ve virtually forgotten about it! While lives and people health are at risk. The first suggestion is a great “preventative” measure that everyone can easily add to your routine and who doesn’t love a nice hot, relaxing salt bath! This ones easy folks and one that children won’t even know about if your trying to avoid scaring them, although this is a serious situation that children need to be taking extra precautions to stay out of the rain, off wet grass, clothes with rain water on them…

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