Obama milking the death of Nelson Mandela


It has been approximately 5 years since aka Obama became America’s White House gangster occupier. One reoccurring and consistent trait of this ID fraud usurper has been his personal narcissism. Aka Obama can’t seem to say or do anything unless an event or sound bite,  revolves around him.

The recent death of Marxist Mandela, offers aka Obama a fresh new occasion for aka Obama to call attention to himself. It also provides him with a new smoke screen cover to (attempt to) hide his criminal actions against this United States and its Constitutional rule of law; that same law, which has been under grievous assault since aka Obama dishonestly usurped the office of US president by misrepresenting himself with criminal ID fraud.

Furthermore, aka  Obama and his cheerleading farce of a journalistic media, will (in incestuous political fashion) project aka Obama to carry on Nelson Mandela’s (fake) humanitarian “legacy.”


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