Ultimate “Selfie” Snapped from Above the Earth by Astronaut Mike Hopkins

Astronaut Mike Hopkins takes a selfie while on a Dec. 24, 2013 spacewalk. Hopkins, Expedition 38 Flight Engineer, participated in the second of two

This year saw the word “selfie” [ internet slang for digital photo self portrait] come into common use, and astronaut Mike Hopkins has produced the all-time most awesome “selfie” yet. Suspended above the earth during a space walk, Hopkins took this amazing self portrait as he floated weightlessly above the earth. The photo went viral immediately as the “ultimate selfie”.

Download a high resolution image of the photo here.

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You Knew It Had to Happen: Fights, Riots Break Out As Shoppers Rush to Buy Latest NIKE Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blues

Sadly, it wouldn’t be “a typical American consumer driven Christmas” without a gosh redneck gangsta-style street battle over coveted merchandise. I’m quite sure that Jesus and all the Heavenly Hosts are just as ashamed as I am when people behave like this during the Christmas holiday. I wish that it wouldn’t happen. But it does. This is how low we have sunk, people.

Well… not all of us. But… some of us. Oddly, I’m sure Michael Jordan would never carry on like this in a trillion years.  The shoe’s original namesake is a supreme one-in-a-million athlete and a total class act.

The Man

The Shoe Riots

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