Cyclone Cleopatra Swamps Italy’s Sardinia, Sweeping Away Cars – 17 Dead

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DELUGE: Cyclone Cleopatra Swamps Italy’s Sardinia, Sweeping Away Cars – 17 Dead!

Andre Heath


Published on Nov 20, 2013

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November 20, 2013 – ITALY – Seventeen people have died and hundreds were evacuated when storms tore through the Italian island of Sardinia last night.

Cars were swept away and caused a bridge to collapse, local media reported.

Television pictures showed torrential rain, with streets submerged in muddy floodwaters and rivers bursting their banks.

‘We’re at maximum alert,’ Giorgio Cicalo, an official from the Civil Protection Authority in Sardinia told RAI state television.

‘We haven’t seen a situation as extreme as this, perhaps for decades. Especially because it’s been across the whole island.’

Officials warned that, with the storm still raging, the death toll could rise.

According to local media reports, one police officer was killed and three of his colleagues were injured when a…

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