And Now for the “Other” Comet Ison News Videos

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Keep in mind as you watch the videos below that IMO everyone’s an amateur when it comes to attempting to describe the ever-chancing trajectories, contents, new behaviors, and component structure of comets. Comets are dynamic, constantly mutating, morphing,  very enigmatic high speed space objects. I don’t feel any person or space agency on earth is an expert on these matters.

I found the close-up zoomed photos of Comet Ison coming out of Russia to be quite extraordinary, if they are real. Those images could not possibly be anymore different than the “dolled up Hollywood style” Comet Ison photos released by our own space agencies here in the states. [ Things that make you go hmmmm.]

As one might have expected, the passing of Comet Ison has inspired all kinds of citizen reporter videos and photo analysis. Take it all with a grain of salt, but DO have a look at some alternative analysis of this cosmic space traveler that does not come out of the highly airbrushed 5th grade vernacular of NASA public news reporting.

As usual, my posting of these news videos constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal, of their contents. Be sure to check out the reports in “related videos” as well. Feel free to share.

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