First Two Months of Obamacare Rollout Brings Barrage of Troubling Headlines

Just as we all look to weather vanes and wind socks to see which way the wind is blowing, I look at news headlines from dozens of sources each day to ascertain which way the wind is blowing in the nation. There is a harsh north wind bearing down on the country due to the complicated snarls and issues surrounding Obamacare, and many I have spoken with privately already believe that the flawed healthcare law has doomed Obama’s second term to useless ‘lame duck‘ status. Here are a few of the headlines and ‘quotable quotes’ from this morning, as the fallout continues to rain down from the first 2 months of Obamacare. This topic is on the lips of everyone writing for almost every newspaper in the country, and the amount of news reporting on the issue is LARGE.

This is not just a biting north wind, this is a gale force wind. From the dozens of reports I have read, here are just a few examples. Especially unnerving is the latest news report that many internet web techs believe the Obamacare website is a lost cause, and is now irreparable.  If this is true, I doubt the troubled  legislation can or will survive the onset of such a severe blow. Adding insult to injury, The Chicago Tribune, from Barack Obama’s beloved home turf is now calling for the repeal of Obamacare.  I’m tempted to call this latest development the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” We’ll see.

What’s in store – which is not a hard call to make – are months on end of more ridiculous news stories about the White House’s fight to save Obama’s sinking flagship legislation, while many democrats jump ship to save themselves, landing in a sea of $#@%$#$& when they do. The unpopular GOP will continue to shamelessly exploit every new moment when the next piece of the dying law falls off the carcass with a thud, and the sounds of all the ensuing rancor over it will be the loudest sound you hear in the United States until Spring.

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Why Obama Can’t Just Uncancel All Those Insurance Plans

President Obama’s plan to reverse himself and let millions of people keep their health policies—the ones that insurance companies cancelled because don’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s standards—is something like an attempt to unscramble an omelet.”

Obama Proposal Worries Insurers and Regulators

“This decision continues different rules for different policies and threatens to undermine the new market, and may lead to higher premiums and market disruptions in 2014 and beyond,” said Jim Donelon, Louisiana’s insurance regulator and the president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

GOP: Obama knew “keep your plan” promise was deceitful

“When President Obama told Americans they could keep their current health insurance under Obamacare if they liked it, he did not “misspeak,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Saturday in the weekly Republican address.

Rather, Johnson said, the promise was “fully vetted, coldly calculated and carefully crafted to deceptively sell” the legislation “to a trusting public.”

Sen Ron Johnson: “Millions of Americans are coming to realize that those are your tire tracks on their canceled policies,” Johnson said to the president, accusing Mr. Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress of perpetrating “political fraud” to aid their political goals.”

Obama struggles to save his cherished health law from the clutches of his own administration

President Barack Obama’s health care law risks coming unglued because of his administration’s bungles and his own inflated promises. To avoid that fate, Obama needs breakthroughs on three fronts: the cancellations mess, technology troubles and a crisis in confidence among his own supporters.”

No Hope Left for Obamacare’s Website, Techies Say

“When I visited on October 1, that was the worst piece of software I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Luke Chung, founder and CEO of the software company FMS. “It had nothing to do with too many users. It couldn’t serve one user.”
“What we’ve seen so far is the first set of problems that come up,” he said. “Then you have the next set of problems. It’s one set of issues leading into another.”

Why Divorce Attorneys Will Love Obamacare

“Tom Blumer, a blogger at PJ Media, points out the unintended consequence of what Obamacare will do to marriages and families. He used this calculator from the Kaiser Family Foundation to run the numbers.”

McCain’s stunning flip-flop: Repeal Obamacare

(THE BLAZE) “After repeatedly criticizing senators such as Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) over their crusade to defund Obamacare, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called for the “total repeal” of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday.”

It Begins: Major Newspapers in Reid’s and Obama’s Home States Call for Obamacare Repeal

“On Thursday, the president offered an apology and an unworkable and possibly illegal “fix” to his troubled healthcare law. Today, The Chicago Tribune has had enough and wants the president’s signature law repealed.”

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