Obama in Office Is Biggest Threat to Lives; U.S. Public Hospital System Being Destroyed

LaRouche Irish Brigade

The extent of downsizing and closures underway in the U.S. medical system—centered on hospitals, is now at the stage of ending public hospital service for huge parts of the nation, and upping the death rate for mass numbers of people—genocide.

Below is a short list of some of the multiple areas of Wall Street/insurance/Obama assault on what remains of the U.S. hospital system, as summarized in the current fact sheet by the American Hospital Association.

Also noted are several of the many bi-partisan expressions of protest to the devastation underway, which will go nowhere without getting Obama out of office, reinstating Glass-Steagall and building an economy, and a real health care system.

The immediate cause of crisis in hospital and related services—logistics, staff, diagnostics, treatment and training—are the cuts in Federal funding mandated by Obama’s 2010 ACA (“Obamacare act”)—focussed on, but not limited to “excess” care for the old and…

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