DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City

Heads up for anyone residing in the Pacific Northwest who travels through Seattle. You need to know about this newest development in the ongoing assault on American civil liberties and privacy: white boxes. Feel free to share.

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November 12, 2013 by The Eye is Watching

Strange new off-white boxes popping up in downtown Seattle use wi-fi networks that can record the last 1,000 locations of a person using their cellphone’s MAC address, but the Department of Homeland Security – which funded the network to the tune of $2.7 million dollars – has refused to address the nightmare privacy implications of a system that could lead to the permanent tracking of an entire city’s population.

A report by The Stranger, a weekly Seattle newspaper, exposes how the boxes, which are attached to utility poles and include vertical antennae, can track cellphones even if they are not connected to the system’s wi-fi network.

Aruba – the company that provided the boxes to the Seattle Police Department – brags in its technical literature about how the boxes can keep track of “rogue” or “unassociated” devices, in other words your cellphone…

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