WARNING: Shameless Commercial Holiday Self Promotion In This Post

Biblical Times


Hi everybody,

Chase here, the blog author aka “Screenshot”. I’ve been blogging on WP now for about 5-6 years, posting publishing and maintaining some 3 to 4,000 pages of material. [ Whew! ] Since a girl’s gotta eat, I also run an Ebay store that’s packed to the ceiling with awesome and unusual fun items. I’d like to invite my subscribers to spend a little time and money at my Ebay store this Christmas season. I could use a little helping hand this year. My beloved Jeep finally had a massive coronary and died this past fall. She’s going to be buried soon, and I need to buy another car.

If you like what I do here on Biblical Times and my other WP blogs, stop by the store and spend some money. I’d be awfully grateful if you would do that for me. Below is the link with…

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