A Collection of Teaching Tweets about #Fascism. Feel Free to Share. :-)

It’s fast becoming a chess game between #WeThePeople & a #corrupt federal gov. We have to take the legal high ground. No other move will do.


Sometimes the best way to make a point is to speak in the simplest of terms. Truths presented could apply to any sort of #Fascist state, from Nazi Germany in World War Two, to modern day Saudi Arabia or Iran.  Any resemblance of some of these statements below to the modern day United States is not purely by accident and is not completely coincidental.

When I turn on my television in the evening I take #GraveOffense when I see sitcom character actors parroting the views of the Obama White House on Obamacare. As far as I am concerned that’s the highway to #Fascism. I will tune out and turn off any television program which tries to get me to “believe a certain thing” that the Obama White House wants me to believe. I’d do the same thing if there were a #RightWingExtremist president who was an incumbant. It’s the same form of tryanny being presented in the media, whether that #Tyranny is #LeftWingExtremism or #RingWingExtremism.

It’s the #PoliticalExtremism itself which leads to misuse and abuse of government powers and the rise of #Fascism, no matter from which end of the political spectrum it originates.

The lessons are there for those who have the eyes to see. When armies of journalists are hired by the White House to continuously make their case, this activity ought to be watched and monitored by We the People carefully, as the nation’s young and politically inexperienced are especially vulnerable to slick propaganda that pushes government policies which might be detrimental to the future of the nation. When White House policies appear in the scripts of television shows and Hollywood movies, and when it’s quite clear that the sole purpose of the script is to broadcast, promote, or mislead the viewing public as to the policy being advanced by the government, that’s overt propaganda, and it should be identified and outed as such. The use and misuse of TV media, social networks and Hollywood films to ‘sell’ government policies to the citizenry indicates the emergence of a #Fascist state and should raise alarms across the board. Look around you. Do you see any of the signs of #RisingFascism in our nation today? Educate yourself. Don’t eat propaganda which can kill free thought and imprison clear rational thinking.


  1. #Fascist governments will often try to incite their own ppl to rise up, so that #MartialLaw can be deployed: LOCKDOWN. Don’t take the bait.

  2. How should an informed citizenry proceed when sound federal government fails? HUGE philosophical query now floats over the nation.

  3. When the moderate middle disappears & governance by two warring extremes supercedes moral reason, sound government begins to fail. Look.

  4. To survive in a rising #FascistSociety a necessary aloofness must prevail in thought & deed. All extremism leads to loss of balanced thought

  5. Another sign of #Fascism is that evil is seen as moral & right when using it to achieve long term #Fascist goals. Watch out for this. Look.

  6. Any sort of EXTREME #Left or #Right #Fascism is a danger to sanity & sound honest governance of citizen populations. Nothing justifies evil.

  7. Liberal #LeftWing #Fascism is extremely appealing to the young, who almost NEVER suspect totalitarian goals in popular political positions.

  8. Those living inside a #Fascist empire find lies hard to see due to pressure of #GroupThink. Outsiders SEE & discern but R demonized for it.

  9. #Fascist empire will deploy pressure of #GroupThink to convince millions that a lie is actually the truth. #GroupThink bends public opinion.

  10. A #Fascist government will be cunningly effective in use of Media Empire to convince millions that right=wrong & wrong=right. Look around.

  11. Another one of the top 10 signs of #Fascism is when those who try to do good 4 nations’ future R labeled as evil by Media Empire. Familiar?

  12. One of top 10 signs of #Fascism is that ppl & groups who try to do the right thing R demonized hated villified by Media Empire. Familiar?

  13. Wicked shamestream media has been so effective in demonizing #TeaParty that “doing the right thing” to HALT fed spending now seen as wrong.


    A Collection of Teaching Tweets about #Fascism. Feel Free to Share. 🙂 http://wp.me/p2HHA2-23Y #EducateYourself #KeepingAClearHead #Politics


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