I’m Tuning Out and Turning OFF TV’s Newest Gore Fest: “The Blacklist”

I knew that turning TV cable service again would necessitate ongoing choices. As I continuously choose and re-choose and choose again NOT to subject my psyche to the nonstop and unnecessary gore that comes along with network programming, tonight I finally chose to TUNE out and TURN OFF the hideously explicitly gory NBC network show “The Blacklist”.

There is a way to tell a gripping story without showing scenes of explicit human gore every 30 seconds. It’s just one more sign of the decaying moral compass and the rising tide of personal depravity in this nation that NBC producers feel they just can’t tell the story of getting the bad guys without broadcasting in-your-face zoomed in close-ups of something absolutely hideous about every 8 minutes.  it’s so preposterously over-the-top that it’s both pathetic and very, very troubling.  I’m sick to death of SICKO TV.  Entertainment? NOT. These programs are designed to indoctrinate the viewing public into the notion that explicit portrayals of human cruelty are somehow now “normal.” The hell they are. TV executives, directors, producers and advertisers who support this trash are not normal, and I wonder where the outrage is.  Here’s mine. I am penning this post.

Join me. Stop watching TV programs which portray explicit scenes of death, torture, gruesome killings and every other heinous way to force a person to die, which have the audacity to call this filth “entertainment.”

There might be many things which we are now forced to accept which fall under the wide umbrella catch all phrase of “the new normal.” But being subjected to scenes of such explicit human brutality that I just about lose my dinner is not my idea of any kind of “new normal”, and it never will be.

If it gets to the point that I can only locate 5 to 10 channels of intelligent uplifting TV programming out of hundreds of channels, I’ll just shut off the cable. I lived without it for years, and I can do it again.

Alternative News entrepreneurs have already changed the face of news reporting forever. It’s time for the next media REVOLUTION to take place. It’s time for alternative TV programming to replace and supplant the grotesque filth they broadcast each evening which they have the audacity to describe as family entertainment. It’s no damn wonder that kids are gunning down their peers, and blowing their brains out in front of the entire classroom. Look at what they broadcast on TV each night. THERE IS A DIRECT RELATIONSHIP THERE. DUH.

That’s it.


2 thoughts on “I’m Tuning Out and Turning OFF TV’s Newest Gore Fest: “The Blacklist”

  1. Very true, too much blood and gore in many of the “popular” shows. Each network tries to outdo each other. They also have very dark themes. Is it any surprise when society turns out cold hearted kids that murder?. If this is not a sign of the times then I dont know what is.


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