2013 Web Bot Predictions Were Dire. Thus Far Most of Them Have Not Taken Place.


2013 Doom and Gloom Another Web Bot EPIC Fail? Or Just Seriously Running Late?

If 2013 is going to bring mass internet outages, a global coastal tsunami, food shortages, mass American refugee migrations, a dollar collapse, breakdown of government and society, and all kinds of other related hell on earth, 2013 is seriously running late. Things aren’t exactly great [ see my recent posts ] but nothing even close to what the web bots predicted for 2013 has taken place [ yet ]. Hmmmm.

Comet Ison makes it’s closest approach to earth on November 28th 2013, on Thanksgiving Day. Will that day be one of peace, happiness, family gratitude, home and hearth [ I hope so ] – or will the doom and gloom that the web bots predicted descend with Ison’s closest passing?

As much as the predictors opine, the sages pontificate, and the most fashionable Zombies get dressed and drag their ragged bloody carcasses around city streets, we just can’t seem to get a modern day Apocalypse to actually materialize, can we?

As long as the New Agers keep meditating, I just don’t think any real Apocalypse will take place. There’s way too much good spiritual medicine circulating around in the earth’s ever-expanding Antahkarana, making it altogether impossible for a massive global socio-economic meltdown to occur.

I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

Here’s what the web bot stated would take place in 2013:





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