NJ Turns Legal Gun Owner Into Felon Who Cannot See His Boy For Four Years


Father Sent To Jail And Barred From Seeing His Son For Four Years After He Was Found With Unloaded Gun In Back Of His Car Among Possessions As He Moved House


Convicted Gun Offender Did Nothing Wrong Brian Aitken


” A desperate father has been banned from seeing his young son for four years after he was found with an unloaded gun he legally owned in the back of his car among his possessions as he moved house.

Brian Aitken was arrested in 2009 as he was moving back from Colorado to New Jersey to be near his child after a divorce. He was later convicted of possessing a gun and sentenced to seven years’ prison.

Now the New York University graduate and digital media entrepreneur is using a crowdfunding website to raise funds so he can write a book about his ordeal and hopefully be reunited with his little boy.

The saga began when…

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