BREAKING: Chase Bank Bans International Wire Transfers, Limits Withdrawals

Video news report by Christopher Greene c/o AMTV alternative news:

The news story appeared yesterday on October 16th, and cites an official letter from Chase Bank dated October 9th to their business customers, informing them that as of November 17th they will no longer be able to do international bank transfers.

In addition, Chase is implementing a $50,000.00 “monthly cash activity limit” on business accounts. I find this a very ominous development. If you are a large business customer and you bank with Chase, you might want to consider getting the better part of funds needed to run your business operations OUT of the bank before November 17th. I frankly don’t see how a run on Chase bank could NOT happen with a letter like this going out.

I wonder what Chase knows that we don’t know … [ yet]?

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See also

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