“Sex Box” – UK Couples Have Sex in Front of a Live TV Audience

First this:

Zurich Switzerland spends millions to build public “sex boxes” for prostitutes to service their customers.



Then this:

Great Britain begins airing live TV show “Sex Box” where consenting couples have sex in front of a live TV audience then later discuss their sexual performance, et al, with the audience.


The supposedly high minded premise [ Are you kidding me? ] of the new UK TV show “Sex Box” is to get a public conversation started about real sexual intimacy, as opposed to cold pornography.  So say the producers of the show.

But what we all know, is that this is yet another click in the ever downward spiral of salacious voyeuristic TV.  It’s no longer enough just to broadcast “reality TV” which follows a group of people through every waking and sleeping moment of their lives for [ fill-in-the-blank reasons conjured by the producers ], shows like ‘Survivor‘ or ‘Big Brother‘  – now the only thing which will satiate viewers’ appetites is to watch couples having sex on live TV, too.

The last bastion of personal privacy has now been shattered. The debauchery is complete. Consenting adults will degrade themselves and their relationship by performing the most intimate of all acts  – in a box – while millions of other TV viewers watch, live, as it happens, and then “discuss it” later with the audience. Yeah. Right. Wink-wink.

I think I am going to be sick.  Oh , it’s getting conversations started all right.  Eeeewwwgh.

Wait – don’t tell me. I already know what’s next. The “sex box” concept will expand on TV to include private pay-per-view TV feeds of the “on the street” sex box action taking place between prostitutes and their customers. Then this too, will become a TV show once demand for free access goes from a whimper to a roar.

I actually think I now know where the original idea for this lurid TV spectacle originated. Check out this article:

Drive-thru ‘sex box’ brothels set to go live in Zurich

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