Wild Pigs Roam Lithonia Atlanta Suburbs, 600 Pounders Seen

Heads up, preppers

In case you know little to nothing about wild pigs, NEVER, under any circumstances, attempt to chase, catch, corner or coral a wild pig on your own. Wild feral pigs will not hesitate to attack, kill and eat a human being.  Even domestic pigs can have a disintegrating moment where they suddenly decide that their owner is a food source.  A farmer in southern Oregon about 20 miles from where I live was killed by his own pigs and consumed about two years ago, making news around the world.




Wild pigs running in Altanta neighborhoods? WTF.  How did this all happen?  [ Speaking of idiocracy … ]:

A few years back a few profiteering ranchers / hunters in north Georgia got the bright idea to import wild feral hogs from Siberia to let loose on their property for ‘paid hunts’, never realizing that the aggressive males would leave the reserve and begin to roam and breed with local pigs. Huge brute hogs weighing in at up to 800 lbs were soon roaming the forests of north Georgia. Pigs in the wild will breed with all the enthusiasm of mice or rabbits if the weather is right and food sources are plentiful. The large males were even seen breaking into local pig troughs to get at young females, who then ran away with the wild hogs.

It’s now a few years later and this is the bitter harvest. Hogs gone wild are running through the suburbs of some Atlanta neighborhoods, and those foolish enough to try to go outside to chase them away find themselves running for their lives in a hurry. Welcome to the American idiocracy: stage one.

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