My Thoughts on Comet Ison as the Karmic Tsunami Approaches

Look to the northeastern night sky in October to locate comet Ison.
Look to the northeastern night sky in October to locate comet Ison.

DISCLAIMER: I feel that if comet Ison were to be a mega-disaster level event, my gut would be screaming that I need to be doing all sorts of things as a “prepper” to get ready for it.  All of my “prepper” activities went into high gear 3-4 years ago when I pulled out of the larger more populated area of northern California to head for the wilds of the middle-of-nowhere, so I am already living where I will make my stand [ or die peacefully ], all my extra food and staples I put in years ago, self defense weapon[s] check, extra water check, etcetera.

In March of this year NASA released some information about Comet Ison, stating that the nucleus of the comet is estimated to be about 3 miles wide.  Contrasting that statement, another prominent astronomer [ listen / watch video 1 after this essay ] has just stated he believes comet Ison to be nearly 2600 kilometers wide. Those are two wildly divergent measurements, people. Where the hell is the truthful factual reporting and astronomy on this comet? WTF? 2600 kilometers = 1615.57 miles in diameter. Who is correct? NASA or the astronomer who is interviewed in video 1?

Ison could rain down debris upon every nation on earth and and cause worldwide chaos, or it could explode harmlessly in deep space and be evaporated into insignificance by our sun. NASA seems not to know or care which way the tail of the comet might blow, so to speak. I find this both odd and conspicuous, frankly.  So anything I post, publish, re-post or speculate on, just take with a grain of salt. I dare make no predictions. I’m just glad I got out of the radius of any big city years and years ago. I know I will be fine. If I felt I wasn’t going to be fine, I would be sounding off all over the internet about it. No one seems to know whether Ison will be a non-event, or a global event for the history books.

We are now running a dangerous risk that every comet which whizzes close by our world is drummed up and touted as the final “ultimate doomsday” catalyst, which cannot possibly be true.  This bizarre phenomenon borders on becoming a species wide end-time death wish.  As each new celestial event comes and goes, this hysteria becomes an ongoing  living worldwide re-enactment of the collective “boy who cried wolf.”

I’m not posting any of the videos below because I feel that doom and gloom due to Ison’s passing is imminent. I am posting certain videos because I want to make a record of how people felt, what they believed, what they predicted and what they thought might happen when this comet passes planet earth this fall.

What I DO feel is that this particular comet is definitely a harbinger of darker days to come on planet earth as the end times grind on, huge ancient karmic aggregates swell to the exploding point, burst and release their contents upon individuals, communities, factions and eventually, entire nations. Comet Ison is a bringer of karmic retribution, a cosmic trigger for the settling of old old, quite large worldwide karmic debts. This is the meaning of the word “harbinger.”

A harbinger is both  a bringer of old and foretold prophetic events, and a portal of entry to new global stresses. It’s any event or object which brings with it new and unknown consequences, trigger-point events, the genesis of chain reactions which were written into the species script long long ago.

We had all wondered last fall whether or not Comet Elenin was the foretold harbinger comet – the “blue star kachina” which is spoken of in Hopi legends. I now wonder whether, in fact, comet Ison might be that foretold celestial object. That’s why I keep researching citizen journalist reports about Ison.  I trust what my fellow we-the-people reporters are learning about Ison MUCH MORE than anything which NASA might decide to tell us, or just NOT tell us about the space object. I am making no claims other than my own personal speculation about Ison.  But my gut tells me it will bring with it a darkening of events regarding the relations between the nations of the world.  If for no reason other than mere coincidence, Ison passes by our world at a juncture where any and every exchange between world leaders comes with hair trigger implications, for better, or much much worse.

If I had to contrive a karmic “theme” for the passing of Ison, I would state that it’s the comet of circumspection: a teacher which tells the leaders of nations to “think before you speak” and to “speak with utmost care, caution, and concern for the future of all humankind.” Our leaders will not get a do-over if they think, speak and act carelessly this fall, accidentally triggering the onset of World War 3. NOW is the time to pray, meditate, and seek the very highest ground in international relations, not lowly publicity stunts such as guest OP-ED posturing, chest beating retorts, and further demeaning acts of high statesmen seen verbally arm wrestling in public. The fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of men who seem to act with total reckless abandon in their international relations.  I find these events alarming, distressing, yet tragically on cue as Comet Ison plummets our way.

In the first video below astronomer and scientist James McCanney is interviewed who makes a series of astounding revelations about the number of times where NASA has been dead wrong about the size of a comet.  [ Hale-Bopp, Haley’s, etc.] These statements should give pause to those who consider any “official” statement made by NASA to be infallible.



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