Should locations of state marijuana operations be made public?

Q13 FOX News

SEATTLE — Legalized pot in Washington state is expected to be a multimillion dollar industry when the State Liquor Control Board licensed shops, farms, grow ops and processing facilities open their doors early next year. But should the location of these businesses be public? It’s a question that divides proprietors, city officials and the public.

“There’s no value in anybody knowing where the gold is stashed, if you will,” Jake Dimmock said.

Dimmock owns the Northwest Patient Resource Center in West Seattle, part of the Cannabis Coalition for Standards and Ethics. He says he runs a transparent business and he believes the industry should be transparent as well but he has concerns about security and crime.

“You wouldn’t want to have everyone know where the gold is. It’s been stealth up until now. I think anytime someone knows where the gold is, you would be setting yourself up for robbery or things…

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