Raw Videos: Violence erupts at May Day protest; 18 arrested, 8 officers injured

More video footage of the incidents which took place in Seattle on May Day. See recent posts for my report and an extended photo gallery.

Q13 FOX News

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SEATTLE — May Day protests in downtown Seattle Wednesday night turned violent for the second straight year, with protesters throwing rocks, bottles, metal bars at police and others. Police said eight officers were injured, mostly with scrapes and bruises, and 18 people were arrested.

may1Police used pepper spray and “blast balls” — a small firework-like device that gives of a loud bang, a flash and a dose of pepper — and other devices to drive the crowd of 150 to 200 people back.

Some in the crowd — self-described anarchists — wore masks and bandanas to cover their faces. As they moved into the downtown area, the protesters began chanting, “Let’s go shopping.”

“They approached the area of Westlake Mall,” said police Capt. Chris Fowler said. “They stopped. It was at that time that we began taking rocks and bottles.”


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