Is it Just Me Or Is Something REALLY Wrong With Today?


But wait, it gets WORSE. When I finally got the proper screen for and ran my search, here’s what came up rather than the search results:


Be sure to read that last paragraph above.  Never MIND that this was the first time I have used Bing in a month, so the lame “repeated search” text just did not apply. It’s all just too creepy. Will we ever have search engines that aren’t secret spy machines? Sigh.

So … I have to admit:  in 18 years of routinely using for searches, day in day out, often 10-20 times a day on a busy news day, I have NEVER had Google force me to prove that I am not a machine. So I guess for me, wins the search engine wars. Odds are I will not run another search on Bing.

Three consecutive strikes of weirdness and you’re OUT. I don’t have time for it.