Largest Meteor in 100 Years Explodes Over Russia, 20,000 Emergency Responders Called Up

While all eyes were trained on the skies over east Asia in anticipation of catching a glimpse of [ notorious ] asteroid 2012 DA14 tomorrow, residents of eastern Russia just got an accompanying surprise visitor which stunned locals as it seared the sky at about 9:20 am on 02.15.2013.  More than 1,000 people in the affected region have now been treated for injuries, although none of them were life threatening. As the 10 ton meteor exploded into thousands of pieces, the fragments rained down over a broad area and caused most of the injuries due to flying shards of broken glass.

Even though scientists state there is no relationship between the huge exploding meteor, and asteroid 2012 DA14, it is rather an unnerving and bizarre coincidence that this meteor exploded and it’s fragments struck the earth during the same time that astronomers were watching for the asteroid. I find that a very odd coincidence indeed.

NASA: Largest meteor in more than 100 years

And just when you thought that headlines could not get any stranger, check this out:

Projectile expert José Canseco links Russian meteor to North Korea

Also Cited:

Meteorite Hits Russia, Causing Panic

Meteors Injure Over 150 in Chelyabinsk Region

MOSCOW, February 15 (RIA Novosti) – More than 150 people have sought medical help in one of three Russian regions hit by a meteorite shower on Friday, the Interior Ministry reported.

Dozens of people suffered cuts from broken glass as the meteorites smashed windows in numerous buildings across the Chelyabinsk Region, but “no-one suffered serious injuries,” the Interior Ministry said.

The meteorite shower hit three regions of Russia, and Kazakhstan, Russian state officials confirmed on Friday,

The police are searching for the fallen meteorite pieces and protecting affected buildings from looting.

Reports are inconclusive about whether the storm was caused by was one large meteorite, or several smaller ones.

Residents of three villages in the Sverdlovsk region reported witnessing the shower, but no-one there was injured.

The huge fiery meteor made a dramatic fly-over, [ see video below ] then burst into hundreds of smaller pieces, causing enough damage that more than 20,000 emergency responders were rallied to the region where the pieces hit the earth. Photos emerging show broken glass in windows and reports of damage are still conflicting.

What caught my attention and prompted my decision to write about the meteor event was the notation in one report that more than “20,000 emergency responders” had been rallied to go to the region where the pieces hit. WHAT???

The story is still breaking so this post will be updated frequently:

News reports coming out of Russia about this event are contradictory and conflicting:

One of Rosatom’s largest nuclear fuel and radioactive waste processing plants, Mayak, is operating in the area that was hit by the meteorite.

20,000 rescuers alerted to Russia meteorite strike 

Some 20,000 rescuers have been on high alert after an alleged meteorite struck Russia’s Urals region on Friday.

Three aircrafts have been investigating the area from above, the local emergency agency reports. An emergency response center has been set up to monitor the situation on the ground.

Ministerial experts said they don’t expect any meteorite debris to hit the region. “Energy supply is stable, cell phone operators are running as usual. There’s been no rise in radiation levels. We don’t expect any more meteorite debris to come down,” an emergency agency’s report has aid.

What happened over the Urals region was not a meteor shower, it was a meteorite – spokesperson (VIDEO)

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