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Pondering the Imminent Death of Spider-Man, Issue #700 Content Leaked


Ultimate Spider-Man and X-Men #41, from Panini...

Ultimate Spider-Man and X-Men #41, from Panini Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whaaat? It’s not just the death of Spider-man [ Why????] that’s hard to swallow, it’s what happens afterward. One of his arch enemies will don the red and blue suit and begin posing as the superhero.

So after decades of following Spider-Man as he battles evil, we’re supposed to mildly accept the fact that evil wins in the end.

This is just not right. Don’t leave it this way!!


“After 50 years of Peter Parker as Spider-Man,his archest of nemeses is taking over as Marvel Comics’ most iconic superhero.

Out today, the landmark Amazing Spider-ManNo. 700 features a final battle between the mind-swapped Parker and Dr. Otto Octavius — aka the evil Doctor Octopus — resulting in the hero suffering a possibly permanent defeat and Doc Ock standing victorious in the mind and body of Spider-Man.

But after defeating his former enemy in his own old, withering and dying body, Doc Ock isn’t going to take Spidey on a quest for world domination. Instead, he learns that with great power comes great responsibility — something Parker’s Uncle Ben taught him in 1962′s Amazing Fantasy issue 15 — and begins a new era for the character in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. It launches Jan. 9 as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative.”

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Landmark 700th issue brings new, ‘Superior’ Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man 700


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