2010: Waterfall Turned Blood Red in Canadian Rockies: Red Water Phenomenon On The Rise

Preface: This is another breaking world news story which is being “under-reported” by many mainstream news outlets. I had reported earlier this year on Biblical Times News Blog about the global phenomenon of water turning blood red. It’s been seen recently in sea water, lakes, ponds, creeks, and now – in a  Canadian waterfall.

See http://biblicaltimes.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/bodies-of-water-turning-blood-bible-prophecy/

Today I found this 2010 news report out of Canada about a waterfall turning blood red, which I have re-posted from AOL News Online:

Canadian Rockies Waterfall Turns Blood Red

Posted Sep 1st 2010 01:13 PM

A Canadian couple was stunned when they witnessed the scientific phenomenon of a waterfall turning blood red. Fortunately, one of the pair was a professional photographer with camera on hand.

Rochelle Coffey, a mother of two, had driven with her husband to Cameron Creek in Alberta, Canada, following a heavy storm.

When they saw the creek had turned a deep shade of red they followed the flow to Cameron Falls to see what they would find there.

Luckily for the couple, the color change of the gushing water over the rocks from crystal clear to blood red happened before their eyes, though they did have to wait two hours for the event to occur.


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The phenomenon was caused by high levels of rain washing red-colored sediment from rocks into the water.

“Earlier in the day there had been very heavy rainfall, which isn’t uncommon, but the conditions must have been just right to bring down that much sediment,” Coffey says.

She adds she and her husband have visited the falls repeatedly for six years, and had always previously seen only clear water, making the color change particularly shocking.

Another photographer waited for awhile at the waterfall too, but had to leave before the water turned color.

“He missed the shot of a lifetime,” Coffey says.

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