Arizona CBS Affiliate Accidentally Aired TV Graphic Calling 2012 Election for Obama Weeks Before November 6th Voting Took Place

The evidence keeps piling up that something was VERY wrong about the November 6th presidential election. Vote fraud expert investigator Beverly Harris [ visit ] began reporting on November 7th that precinct workers in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania had counted more votes in many counties than there were registered voters, the number 1 RED FLAG evidence  for voter fraud.

I found this report this morning on The Daily Caller and it is really troubling.

A Screenshot above  shows the “accidental TV graphic” which aired on October 21st during “The People’s Court” which showed vote counts indicating Obama had won national election. The election was still two weeks away.
An infographic re-posted from the Media Dad news blog shows that six mega companies and 232 media executives own and control the information that all Americans receive via the MSM [ mainstream media ]. It would have been relatively easy to “fix” the 2012 elections in advance with power and control consolidated into the hands of so few people.
Media Consolidation Infographic
What can “We the People” do?  Many are already doing it. Collective activism to “out” the crimes of a media machine which not only serves the White House, but is owned and operated by a handful of corporate power,s is building at the grassroots level. Organized boycotts of sponsors that keep Left Wing media outlets on the air are also being planned. Taking the next step also means getting off the sidelines and beginning to take news reporting into your own hands. Conservative and independent news bloggers have been behind some of the biggest breaking news stories in the past decade that the White House controlled MSM refused to support. I know. I am one of those news bloggers. It’s not hard math. When you get disgusted enough, you start blogging. It’s empowering and it helps others to dig out the truth when Big media outlets refuse to report it. So don’t just sit there cracking your knuckles in rage. Get blogging!