Local Dietician Warns Of Energy Drink Linked To Five Deaths

RED ALERT HEALTH DANGER for TEENS: Dying for a Soft Drink

Five teens have already died from allegedly consuming too much energy drink within a 24 hour period. For teens with a low body weight, which is mainly young teen girls aged 13 – 16, these drinks can be fatal. Share this information with others.

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A local dietician is sounding off on what she calls the danger of high energy caffeine drinks.

The FDA is investigating the connection between five deaths and a non-fatal heart attack since 2009 that could be linked to Monster Energy Drinks.

Clinical dietician Joy Bloor at St. Louis University Hospital says these drinks can be very dangerous.

“As far as energy drinks for young children or young adults, it can increase heart rate, it can increase blood pressure, it can interfere with sleep patterns, it can cause anxiety and nervousness, upset stomach, digestive problems and headaches.”

One of the dead, a 14-year-old-girl, drank two 24 ounce cans of Monster within 24 hours and died of cardiac arrhythmia.

Monster disputes any suggestion that its products are unsafe.

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