BREAKING: Serious Vote Fraud Already Discovered in Ohio, NC as Voting Machines Record “Obama” When Voting for Mitt Romney

I began warning my readers about electronic voting machine fraud back in the summer of 2009 after I learned more about the design of the electronic voting machines and how easy it was to go in with a laptop and a passkey and reprogram or hack the machines to literally change the voting outcome. Fast forward to 2012 and look what is happening already:

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In Greece Unemployment To Rise Higher Than Spain

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Trick or Treat! World’s Most Outrageously Carved Halloween Jack O’Lanterns

A very talented sculpting artist who was born and raised in Long Island NY, Ray Villafane, is reputed to be the master carver behind these stunning Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns. The name of his studio appears on some of the photos:  Villafane Studios. Enjoy!

Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

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