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Remarkable Live Interview with Paul Hellyer About the Actuality of Extraterrestrial Life

Originally posted on Blue Vault 999:

“He said  that there had, in fact, been face-to-face meetings between US government officials and extra-terrestrials from other star systems.” – Paul Hellyer

Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer discloses startling true facts about the existence of alien / extraterrestrial life on-camera in this interview.  In the US, reporters have been screaming for “UFO / Alien disclosure” for decades. I think for the time being this is just about as close as you can get to a high government official who is willing to speak the truth on camera about this topic. For me, it does not cloud Mr. Hellyer’s credibility one bit that he is a Canadian citizen speaking the truth about this subject. In fact, I hope what he is doing will inspire our own cowardly US government officials who are in-the-know to come clean as well. One can hope. Here is the remarkable interview. Feel free…

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