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Walking Away: 14 Million Abandon Their Homes in 2012, Vacant Homes Up 43.8% Since 2000

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Recently I have been looking into the plight of collapsing cities in America. I’m still doing research. I usually only post about 10% of what I learn on a given topic. I already knew it was bad. But I did not know HOW bad. We all know about Detroit. The collapse and failure of that city has been fairly well publicized. But that’s where I started. Check most recent posts and pages to see everything I am publishing about abandoned homes and collapsing cities in America.

One thing you will notice in these videos is that it’s not just small modest homes that people have abandoned. Huge palatial homes, grand estates and large mansions are among the casualties of abandoned homes. There are even large shopping malls that are now abandoned. It begs the question:  What happened here? Why does someone walk away from a multi-million dollar property?

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One thought on “Walking Away: 14 Million Abandon Their Homes in 2012, Vacant Homes Up 43.8% Since 2000

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